Multiple Best in All-Breed Show, Multiple Reserve Best in Show, Multiple Best of Opposite Sex, ISWS Ch, UKC GR CH, ICKC Ch, IABCA Ch Scirocco Dakar SRC


Dakar was bred and is loved by Rick and Ann Steele of Scirocco Silken Windhounds. From the beginning I have felt honored to bring this boy home and watch him grow up.

I think he knows it too. I should have named him Prince Dakar or King Brat Face.

He is pushy and demanding and opinionated, and for what ever reason, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Probably because he has so much personality, it shines through his deep dark eyes.

He is a bit more cautious around strangers but if he approves, I know everything is safe. He has not yet met a furry creature he did not want to play with, chase or bark and wag at:)


Dakar at Play

Dakar in many ways is so much like his gran-daddyGideon with Talisman hounds. He has a passion for all things fuzzy, squeaky, round, chewy, bouncy or anything moving. Unless it is the left overs on the counter, he is pretty passionate about those also. He will stand and stare at them for a while, letting out a yip and a yap and a grumble.. willing them to fall into his mouth. Then as if by magic when my back is turned the food vanishes and Dakar looks very satisfied by his handy work and the left overs!

At home he is my shadow and follows me from room to room while I dink here and there with house work. Now if he sees I am not moving quite as much, like homework or reading, that just will not do! He tries to rectify it immediately by bringing me toy after toy to choose from to throw and play with him. Games of chase are so much better then sitting still!! How silly of me!!


Dakar in the show Ring

Dakar has that pose and effortless movement that is eye catching and takes your breath away.  At  8 years old Dakar is now mostly retired from the show ring as he has earned many wins in Silken specialties and even 2 best in all breed UKC shows. His last big show weekend of his career was BooFest 2014 in beautiful Gilroy, California where he took Best of Opposite Sex from the veterans class one day and then an Award of Merit the next day. He really finished in Style.




There were many things that came together just right for Dakar to end up in my life. I was really excited about the parents both being race champions and are also now both ISWS and Rarities champs. I was also enamored all the way back to the Grandmothers on both sides of the pedigree.Cinder and Josi are both show stopping movers with jaw dropping structure.

I also had the unique pleasure of watching the birth of this litter over the internet on a webcam!! I was sold the moment these guys were born. The next challenge was selling the idea to the Steeles and swooping him up and bringing him home.

He is my divining rod of life. When I am upset or stressed out I see how this effects Dakar. While this was a hard realization to face during the divorce, the experience has bonded us for life.  He loves to dance and talk to me and when I am sad or tired he rests with me.

I love this boy.


Dakar on the Race Track

Dakar comes from two SRC straight race champs. As seen in the picture below, Dakar is going nose to nose with his Mother Tara. Dakar has so much drive he leaps to chase something first and thinks second.

Even with his very intense prey instinct, with training of the dogs and my kids, Dakar is so sweet and affectionate with the kids and other dogs.

On the race track it is all about business and of course the love of the chase. He loves to run and he loves to chase.

dakarrun dakarrun2










Dakar Stats

Date of birth: 1/28/2007

Registration Number: 2007-191/04

DNA parentage: Yes

MDR1:  Clear

CEA: Carrier

OFA Heart: Normal- SWH-CA112/26M/C-PI

OFA Thyroid: Normal- SWH-TH95/26M-PI

CERF: Normal  SWH-201/2009–27

BAER: Normal SWH-BR14/38M-PI

Height: 24 inches.


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