Past litter

DARE Litter Born 2-25-15

Dakar and Cammi

image1 (2)cammi

Aearacura Dare to Love

True to her  name Love is an absolute doll and love. She is outgoing and curious

always happy and constantly playing.

Love now lives in Scottsdale, AZ and is called Ricki

CEA/MDR1 Carrier


Aearacrua Dare to Hope

Hope is now living among the stars in Hollywood, CA and is now known as Harlow.

Harlow is so daring! She has a take charge personality and is the first to pounce and play.

She has a new little brother now and loves to make new friends in all her celebrity Hollywood circles.

CEA clear/MDR1 Carrier

IMG_0227 IMG_0241


Aeracura Dare to be the Change

Staying at Aeracura

Ginger is sweet and loves to cuddle.  She also loves to explore and get into trouble. She is very well put

together and looks like she will have more of her fathers curves and is already showing promise

of her fathers gliding movement.

CEA/MDR1 Clear

DSC_0912 IMG_0860 FullSizeRender (1)

Aeracura Dare to be Different

Rini went to Broadway Silkens to become a star in Colorado and is Co-Owned by Aeracura.

Rini is a spit fire of a girl and always has something to say about what

is happening around her. She is fearless and smart and funny and always happy. She has two Best Puppy in

Multi breed show under her belt, winning the first just days after turning 3 months old. We cannot

wait to see how this girls show and racing career will take off.

CEA/MDR1 Carrier

DSC_0925 IMG_0862

All the Babies at week 4


Sweet moment of week 5 is Daddy Dakar and Baby Hope