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Whats in a name~ Aeracura

Aeracura, pronounced air- a- Cure- a, is the name of a Celtic goddess. The Goddess of blossoming, rebirth, and rediscovering.

This has much symbolic relevance to myself, my life and this new breed of dogs.

Going through a bit of rebirth myself, remaking my life in almost every way over the last 10 years. Divorced, going back to school and raising my children,  and career these last few years have been quite difficult. Though, through the hard times something beautiful blossoms.

In relation to Silken Windhounds, they are a fairly new breed and everything about the breed and the people involved are beautiful passionate flowers blossoming, in a wide field of wild flowers. On close inspection each has its own role of beauty, but together on at a wide angle view, they fit together so wonderfully it takes your breath away.